Terms of Use

Welcome to L’Amour Jewellery. Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before using the website. All buyers, customers or those who are interested in purchasing jewellery through our website are subject to accepting and complying by the term and conditions set by – L’Amour Jewellery with registered No. 13035225. These terms and conditions may change over time without a notice; please visit this page periodically to keep updated.

Products and services – Terms of Use

  1. General

    1. The terms ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ or any other terminology may be used to refer to L’Amour throughout the website.

    2. This website holds all necessary information regarding product, policies, terms and conditions.

  2. Product Information

    1. Jewellery descriptions are clearly shown with pictures and words.

    2. All pieces have fixed prices and are not subject to negotiation

    3. The goods are subject to availability

    4. Price changes are subject to availability, promotions and special seasons

    5. Jewellery pieces can not be supplied on trial basis, it is up to the buyer to ensure full understanding of the product and its purchase

  3. Delivery

    1. Delivery charges may be applicable to your order. If so, it will be mentioned prior to the checkout process

    2. Due to any reason, if there is a change in the delivery date, a mail will be sent out to the buyer and has the right to cancel the order

    3. If the customer was unavailable to receive the product on the first attempt of delivery, there may be additional charges for further attempts

    4. Delivery dates are given with an estimation, if however, due to some unforeseen reason the product does not reach on the scheduled date, we can not be held accountable for it. Unavoidable delays can not be compensated for.

    5. When package received, the customer is responsible to examine the package prior to opening it. If it is subject to any damage or loss, the customer must contact us immediately or latest within 3 days. Thereafter, we do not take the responsibility of refund or exchange.

    6. If the order is delayed past its expected delivery date, please contact us immediately or latest within 3 working days on: support@lamour.com

  4. Cancellations or Returns

    1. The buyer has the right to cancel the order without a fees after a purchase till the date of dispatch. The amount will be refunded through the original method of payment in the account used to place the order.

    2. After having received the jewellery, if the customer wishes to return or change the product for a legitimate reason, the team at L’Amour has to be contact within 3 working days. The product must be sealed and in good condition for return. The instructions of return will be mailed to the customer once the request to return or change has been well received and accepted by us. The refund will be received via original method of payment in the account use to make the purchase.

    3. The refunds may take up to 10 working days depending on the banks used by the customer. We are not subject to responsibility of the number of days within which the customer may receive the refund.

    4. The customer is responsible of saving proof of dispatch for any returns until a mail acknowledging the arrival of the product at L’Amour has been received.

    5. Products must be returned in its original packaging

    6. Our vigorous quality control team ensures that the right products are delivered to their rightful buyers. However, if you feel you have received the wrong product, please recheck your order through our confirmation e-mail or on your customer account on our website. If yet you feel that you have received the wrong product, please contact us: suport@lamour.com and our team will assist you in dispatching the wrong product and assist you in delivering the right one free of charge.

    7. Any other loss that may have been caused by a third party, damaging the external or internal of the product, we are not liable to change or return.


Website – Terms of Use

  1. Information

    1. Information provided on the website regarding products, delivery, warranty, dates, description and other information; have been provided to the most accuracy. However, we do not guarantee it 100% due to any unforeseen changes.

  2. Access

    1. This website is subject to use for those who reside in the country that this website has been enabled in.

    2. Thus, the terms written out on this website are strictly subject to those who rightfully use it.

  3. Indemnity

    1. Adhering to these terms and conditions, you agree to not hold L’amour, its employees, agents, representatives or suppliers responsible for any conflict or issue arising with your product purchase. You use the website at your own risk and by your own choice.

  4. Changes

    1. By being on this website, you agree to our right to change these terms and conditions at any given time. In case as such, please keep checking this page on the L’Amour website to make sure you keep updated with any changes.

  5. Breach of terms and conditions

    1. In case of any breach of terms mentioned on this page, it is full responsibility of the customer to accept the consequences. In case of an emergency or a legitimate reason, a waiver may be accredited only on acceptance of our management team.

  6. Law

    1. The terms outlined on this page, are in line with the law under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, United States of America, India, United Arab Emirates and Kenya.

  7. Advertising

    1. With any purchase, you give consent to L’Amour to send any advertising material such as newsletters and promo mails.

  8. Discounts

    1. Any discounts are promo codes may have an expiration date and only one can be used at a time.